Why do we call ourselves MAVRIK?

Because MAVRIKS do things differently and get even better than expected results.....


Back in 2020, when our horse Nelson developed thrush, then scratches they progressed to the point he went lame. It was January, really wet and nothing was working. We were at the barn scrubbing his legs in freezing cold weather, everyone, especially Nelson was miserable, he was in pain and still nothing was working. We continued to try pretty much every product out there from Natural to Chemical and found the same issue: The “All-Natural” ones were expensive and didn’t work, and chemical ones hurt the horses and also didn’t work quickly enough.

We had all had it. Nelson was super kicky from being cold and scrubbed every day and I finally decided to go rogue and wrap his legs instead to hold the prescribed creams on, then wipe the scabs off then treat him. Which got me to thinking a bit about the overall approach. Once we got a handle on it, I asked our vet what we could use to prevent this from coming back in the first place, especially when both are so prevalent in the NW. He told me there wasn't anything on the market to prevent, only treat and I knew I had to and could do better. I had small children to think of also, so I wanted something that was safe to get on their little hands and still pack a punch.

I majored in Molecular Biology with a focus on Pathogenic Bacteria in college; So I got out my Molecular & Microbiology books, studied the bacteria and fungi that cause thrush, scratches and just about anything that can grow on and hurt our horses. I categorized them based on type and targets and then began to research exactly what was needed to attack them fast. It took me about 2 years to get the formulas just right, but once I finally did the results where like NOTHING any of us had seen before.

I sourced products from around the world to create our exact blend that blasts the cell walls on contact and prevents regrowth, but it is also important nourish the hooves and skin from the inside out, making them more resistant to infection. The result is the creation of products that work quickly and effectively to treat AND prevent so you’re not always behind the 8 ball trying to manage illnesses.

All of our products are formulated solutions based on dose and concentrations, which means you can layer them and they will maintain strength vs. getting stronger and potentially hurting tissues.

All of our products are antibacterial, anti-fungal and quickly kill any bacteria and fungus and prevent reinfection and then we have layered in additional ingredients to support healthy hooves, skin and coats.

Our Good Stuff blend includes Manuka honey to soothe itchy dry skin and strengthen the follicles reducing breakage and our oil clears thrush typically inside of 2 days.


We are customer focused and always will be. We believe in doing well by doing good for others and our line of products has grown in response to the requests of our community. Although some products have different uses; they will always remain hand made, science based and All-Natural.

Our products are safe for humans and animals and intended to layer. They're formulated to be fast acting so you and your horse can get back out doing what you love!

Treat. Prevent. Enjoy the Ride.