We Appreciate the shout outs! We work hard every day to make the best equine care products that are High Quality, Cost Effective and Work Fast. We Love to hear from you! Here is what others are saying:

  • MAVRIK Good Stuff is a Miracle Worker!

    "My horse was rubbing and rubbing his tail! I finally thought 'What the Heck', grabbed the bottle of Good Stuff and sprayed it all over his tail and body. It was like a MIRACLE, he finally stopped rubbing and itching and his tail is beautiful and growing back! This time last year he would have rubbed it off to the point that I would have had to shave it. The Good Stuff is a Miracle Worker, there's nothing it can't do!"

    ~Kathryn T.

    Vancouver, WA

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  • MAVRIK Dynamic Duo is a One-Two Punch!

    With horses that show, but also live outside nearly 24/7, MAVRIK's One-Two Punch has helped tremendously with all the crud and ick we've been fighting

    ~ Maren H.
    Ocala, FL

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  • "MAVRIK Hoof Oil Clears up scabs in a few days!"

    MAVRIK hoof oil is amazing on the hooves, so I tried it on my Donkey's legs and cleared up my his itchy scabs right away! He immediately stopped itching after I applied it and his scabs were completely gone in a few days!

    ~Amber T.
    Ionia, MI

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  • MAVRIK Hoof Oil is AMAZING!!

    My Horse had a terrible quarterline crack. I could NOT BELIEVE how well and FAST MAVRIK Hoof Oil Started working. In just over 2 weeks it has been incredible and the hoof is so much stronger overall!



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