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Dynamic Duo | Hoof Oil and Good Stuff™ | Kills Thrush, Scratches & Sweet Itch Guaranteed

Dynamic Duo | Hoof Oil and Good Stuff™ | Kills Thrush, Scratches & Sweet Itch Guaranteed

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The Dynamic Duo, is the ultimate addition to your grooming arsenal! Including both MAVRIK Hoof Oil and Good Stuff ™ Spray; This powerhouse combination effectively and swiftly eliminates harmful bacteria and fungi responsible for Thrush, Scratches, White line, Rain rot, Sweet Itch, and other common hoof, skin, and coat ailments. MAVRIK Hoof Oil and Good Stuff™ are fast acting anti-fungal and antibacterial products that penetrate cell walls to kill bacteria and fungus on contact and PREVENT it from coming back!

As always all ingredients comply with USEF and FEI banned substance regulations.


Good Stuff ™ Ingredients

Water, Apple Cider Vinegar, Proprietary MAVRIK Essential Oil Blend, Manuka Honey

MAVRIK Hoof Oil Ingredients

MCT Oil, Castor Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Safflower Oil, MAVRIK Essential Oil Blend

How To Use Good Stuff™

For Hooves: Clean Hoof. Spray Good Stuff™ onto sole and frog of hoof. Hold for 5 seconds to allow Good Stuff™ to penetrate frog and under shoes. Spray on outside of hoof. Follow up with MAVRIK equine Hoof Oil.

For Body: Spray Good Stuff™ all over body and legs, paying special attention to Hocks and Fetlocks down to hooves.

Great for girth area to prevent gunk.

Good Stuff™ is also an excellent disinfectant on grooming tools, brushes, girths, blankets and saddle pads!

How to Use MAVRIK Hoof Oil

Clean Hoof. Paint MAVRIK Hoof Oil on sole of hoof, frog and under shoes. Cover outside of the hoof.

Paint on Coronet band and massage in if needed. Oils will penetrate and absorb inside, making the hoof stronger from the inside out!

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