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MAVRIK equine



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Ohhh they be tiny, but mighty!

Our Granny always said "Big things come in small packages" and the Tiny Duo is no Different! A duo of our MAVRIK hoof oil and Helmet head spray, means we really do have you covered from Hoof to Head!

The same all-natural essential oil based fast acting formula of our bigger size hoof oil in a bottle so cute you'll want to carry it around in your pocket. The tiny duo is great for shows, and travel when you need to keep your horse's hooves on point and your helmet and hair fresh!

Available in both combinations of Lemon Candy Zing and SwanTastic


MAVRIK Hoof Oil Ingredients

MCT Oil, Castor Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Safflower Oil, MAVRIK Essential Oil Blend

How to Use MAVRIK Hoof Oil

Clean Hoof. Paint MAVRIK Hoof Oil on sole of hoof, frog and under shoes. Cover outside of the hoof.

Paint on Coronet band and massage in if needed. Oils will penetrate and absorb inside, making the hoof stronger from the inside out!


SwanTastic INGREDIENTS: Distilled water, witchhazel,essential oils of: teatree,rosemary,cedar, lavender, and palo santo.

Lemon Candy Zing INGREDIENTS: Distilled water, witchhazel, essential oils of: teatree, lemon grass, rosemary, cedar, lavender, and palo santo.

How to Use Helmet Head- Everything Spay!

Spray inside helmet to clean, disinfect, clear away sweat, and refresh. 

Let the helmet air dry. Give your haira little spritz, toss and go!

Works GREAT on Vests, Tack and Boots!

For Boots: Ball up Newspaper, or Paper towels. Spray liberally with Helmet Head. Push Paper Bal into boot, Zip up and leave overnight!

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